☆⌒(≧▽° ) ? i’m Kal!!! u can also call me Malak or Lulu. prns r she they it xe i’m 17, egyptian and a nb lesbian.

YESYESYES anime, reading, writing, listening to music ♬, gore, metal, visual kei, vampires, goths

IT’S A NO FROM ME 👎 prejudice,
mood swings, needles, fonts, armys,
fujoshis, men, animal abuse, bullying

ARTISTS I LIKE Korn Blackbriar Suicide Silence
Bmth Deftones Slipknot Mcr Lacuna Coil Wayv NCT The Boyz Stayc Loona Enhypen Stray Kids
Bvndit Red Velvet Elris Blackpink CLC Itzy TXT
HYDE L’arc-en-ciel Bad Omens Linkin Park Poppy
D’espairsRays The GazettE Dir En Grey Eths

DNI homophobic, racist, lame, clapped account, not funny, anti anyone i stan, ult bts, bg only stan
BYF i hold my favs accountable and i’m aware of anything problematic they did and i don’t support it, no tws/cws, i make kys nd offensive jokes lmk if you’re not comfortable with something i say.

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